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Port Orchard Chiropractor :: Dr. Joyce Middendorf

Port Orchard chiropractor Dr. Joyce Middendorf

Dr. Joyce Middendorf

“I started my career as a teacher before I found my passion for chiropractic.”

Having been a teacher, my family couldn’t understand why I would give up a “good career” to start another. Especially one that was not considered (30 years ago) mainstream or scientific. With each patient who suffered years of pain only to find help I am thankful for my choice.

My cousin experienced a chiropractic miracle. His son was born with a club foot. The doctors told him it was hereditary and would require numerous surgeries. With no family history he decided to seek chiropractic for his newborn son. The baby was large and too crowded inside mom’s belly causing nerve impingement to that leg and foot. Within 3 weeks the foot was turning and moving and needed no surgeries. This was a message that anything is possible when interference is removed with chiropractic adjustments. Never give up on the healing power within us.

I attended Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia. The neurology classes “turned on a light” as to causes of health problems. The nervous system is so complex in how “it works” affecting how “we work”. Without healthy spinal function, the nervous system is unable to work at it’s maximum.

Continuing education has made me even more aware that chiropractic provides benefit not only to the patient with pain, but those with other health problems which may be due to function. Structure is function.

“Chiropractic provides something for everyone.”

For example, pain is the primary reason a person seeks chiropractic care. This is a very valid reason because the cause of pain is generally related to dysfunction of the joints affecting the nerves. Leaving the injury untreated makes you more prone for more injury and more pain. On the other hand, many spinal areas correlate with other body functions. A prime example is my husband Dave. He had an ear/mastoid infection as a kid and even after surgery continued to have a chronic problem that required ongoing use of ear drops which still didn’t’ manage the problem. After regular chiropractic adjustments the condition resolved. Who would have thought chiropractic would help ear infections? Many childhood ear and upper respiratory infections resolve simply with chiropractic. Other conditions may resolve if the cause of the loss of immunity or function for that body system is due to nerve interference.

With the serious side effects that medications can cause, it seems reasonable to try a natural approach first, medication second, and surgery last. It’s also important to avoid things that have toxic effects, as well as, add things to make us “sufficient” in needs regarding exercise, nutrition, and balance.

My husband, Dave, is also a chiropractor. We have two sons. Eric is a chiropractor working here with Dave and I at Mile Hill Chiropractic. Steve works at PSNS. We are blessed with grandchildren as well and having them close is an extra plus.

Aside from spending time with our kids and their families and babysitting, I, like most all women, like to shop. I also like making jewelry, reading a good mystery, cooking (and eating) and watching home improvement shows.

Now that I am approaching Medicare age, I am very into anti-aging. I study and check out anything that is in the natural realm having learned about the aging toxic effects of a bad diet, too many drugs, stress and being a couch potato. Not that I don’t like to indulge in sinful foods and watching movies, but my genes are programed to be a “fatty” if I don’t force myself into regular exercise and healthy eating. I try to use the treadmill, weights, and other resistive exercise 4-5 days per week (while watching TV shows or movies). Having tried every fad diet in the past, I now try to eat foods that are mostly low in added sugar and starch. It seems to be working, along with regular chiropractic (weekly or biweekly tune ups unless I get too physical on a project and need more).

I love the fact that I have a profession that doesn’t force me to retire at 65. I’m just getting better at what I do (practice makes perfect) and still have a lot to offer. Of course I want to work less and having your own business allows me to choose how much to work. I love working on seniors. I am one so I know a lot about what they are going through. I love working on kids and they like having a “grandma” care for them.

The best thing about our office is you can see a doc with years of experience who has access to a young doctor with all the knowledge of the newest technology and how-to for a total package to satisfy your needs. “The road to wellness begins here!”

“Enough about me! How can we help you with today’s safe and natural chiropractic care? Give our Port Orchard office a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health.”

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